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Syscoin Disabled - 8/17/2014

Syscoin is not currently merge mineable with most currencies, so we've disabled it until its fixed. The devs appear to be busy with more major bugs so it could be a while until this is fixed.

We're adding support for merge mining LTC/Doge - 8/03/2014

You'll be able to be paid out in either LTC, Doge or both. Your choice. Read the official post, and our news post for more details

New to Cryptocurrency?

Check out a detailed step-by-step guide on Reddit, or look at some of our guides.

Quick start for mining:

No registration required, payouts go to the address used as username.

  1. Configure your stratum client with the information below. Worker name can be anything you'd like:
    URL: stratum+tcp://stratum.simpledoge.com
    Port: 3333 (Fixed diff 128)
    Port: 3334 (Variable difficulty)
    Username: [Your wallet address].[Worker Name]
    Password: anything
    cgminer example: ./cgminer -o stratum+tcp://stratum.simpledoge.com:3333 -u DAbhwsnEq5TjtBP5j76TinhUqqLTktDAnD.worker1 -p x -I 13 --scrypt
  2. Check your stats and estimated payout by entering your Doge address below:
  3. Paste your Doge address for quick access to individualized stats.
  4. (Optional) Setup advanced stats to track GPU temps and actual hashrate with Powerpool Agent
  5. (Optional) Download a Peseta Coin and Taco Coin wallet and set your PTC/TCO address on your user stats page to recieve free additional coins.

 No registration

Unlike most pools, we don't require, or even provide, registration. Simply connect to our stratum servers with your wallet address.


No registration means your credentials can't become compromised, because you don't have any! All pool funds are kept off server for increased security.

 No minimum Payout

Payouts are processed every time a block is solved. No minimum balance required. Payouts are computed using PPLNS with a 0% fee. The default donation amount is 1%, lowerable to 0%

 Contact us


Monitor your rig's health, from anywhere

This setup allows you to monitor multiple rigs easily, without setting up a pool manager, and view actual data from each of your rigs, rather than approximations.

  • Quick and easy setup, see the Installation Guide
  • View stats from rigs remotely - including WUE, Hashrate, Temps, Fan %, and more
  • Overheat/Low hashrate status indicators and email notifications
  • More features coming soon - including graphs of hashrate and temperature

Insightful statistics

Graphs broken down by worker give you a good at-a-glance picture of what is going on.

  • Easily name a worker anything you want
  • Drill down graphs to an individual worker with a click
  • Tooltips display your hash rate for each worker at a given point
  • View in 'expanded' mode to see what percentage of your hashing power each of your rigs is
  • Easily see your overall hash rate


Doge is going AuxPoW, we'll be adding support 8/03/2014

We're excited to announce that we'll be supporting the upcoming merged mining changes and mining both Doge and LTC. We'll be enabling payouts in either Doge or LTC. If you mine with a Doge address your mined LTC will be converted to Doge, and if you mine with a LTC address your mined Doge will be converted to LTC.

If you're currently mining with us (and want to be paid out in Doge) you won't have to change anything. BUT the backend system that'll drive this is massively different, and rather than do an extremely messy database migration we're going to be resetting the stats. Any earnings before the switchover will still be tracked and paid out.

As a heads up, the software we'll be using for this is extremely beta. We've been working on it for the last month or so, but it hasn't been used in production yet, so theres likely to be a few bugs as we get it rolled out.

EDIT: You will also be able to recieve both currencies (no conversion) by mining w/ either and adding an address, similar to how it is done now with merge mined currencies

Orphan Block Issues Resolved, Sorry! 7/25/2014

Over the past few days our Orphan block numbers have been unusually high. This was due to a configuration error with push block notifications coming from our payout server (very slow) instead of our primary mining server. This has been resolved, as well as an upgrade to the very latest Dogecoin wallets which should help improve speed a bit more. As a token of apology for these errors we'll be running -2% fees for the next while.

Server and frontend upgrades 7/9/2014

Over the last few weeks we've been working on various tweaks, features, and performance improvements around the site. You may have noticed a few of them showing up here and there, but here they are officially listed:

Website Modifications
  • Significant backend modifications have been made to make stats pages load at a reasonable speed. Everything should be significantly snappier now.
  • A new detailed block statistics section has been added to the pool stats page, showing stats at various time intervals.
  • Pool Efficiency and Block statistics now by default show for the last month instead of all time
  • Payout records are now only kept for 1 week. Summaries of payouts will be added in the near future that will be kept forever.
  • A table on pool stats now shows all of the online servers, along with how many users and how much hashrate they're handling
Mining Server Modifications
  • Heavy optimization of how we distribute new jobs to users, resulting in approximately 30% reduction in stale shares.
  • Push block notifications are now supported, which should reduce orphan blocks by approx 0.3%
  • Many other performance optimizations to help keep our servers running fast, including share batching and aggregation and a more advanced per-user vardiff.
  • Technical details here

Email us feature requests or bugs at simplecryptogroup@gmail.com.
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